Free Custom Report Reveals Your Stock's and Mutual Funds Dirty Investment Secrets.

Sin, Sex and Smut. Give Us 3 Minutes and We’ll Find It In Your Wallet

See 7 Dirty Secrets Hiding in Your Stocks and Mutual Funds

  • Would you invest in the production of a pornographic film?
  • Would you fund alcohol or tobacco companies?
  • Would you stand behind a company with a pro-choice agenda?

If you’re investing in publicly traded companies or mutual funds without properly screening them, you may be doing all of that and more! And the sheer number of companies and funds that have laid aside ethics for earnings will shake you to your core.

Where Can You Find the REAL Story?

Not in the Wall Street Journal. Not on MSNBC. And not from even the most popular stock analysis software. eVALUEator is the ONLY tool that fully and completely screens mutual funds and publicly traded companies for these moral and ethical violations. Investment advisors have been helping their clients succeed with this tool since 1995, and no other service has more up-to-date and complete information on the illicit or immoral activities of publicly traded companies and the mutual funds holding their stocks.

Frankly, some of the information eVALUEator provides will shock you. Our socially responsible investing tool analyzes your portfolio to ensure you’re not unwittingly supporting anything that conflicts with your moral conscience:

  • Pornography
  • Gambling
  • Abortion
  • Tobacco
  • Organizations Opposed to Judeo-Christian Values
Shocking Results from eVALUEator

Who Uses eVALUEator?

If you have a strong moral compass, then you want to make sure the companies you invest in are sailing in the same direction. Truth is, some of them travel in the exact opposite direction. That’s bad for our society and bad for you. How can you possibly claim to hold your Values close if you’re willing to turn a blind eye to what your hard-earned dollars go to support?

Why Do You Need eVALUEator?

Every dollar you invest with a morally devoid company is another dollar working against everything you believe in and have raised your family to fight. To avoid the hypocrisy of saying one thing and doing the other, you need this FREE personalized eVALUEator investment report.

What Do You Get With This Special Free Report?

  • Get the satisfaction of knowing you stand behind your values fully
  • Deter further spread of immorality
  • Punish companies guilty of funding these morally reprehensible industries by hitting them where it hurts most – in the pocket

Still Confident Your Investments Reflect Your Values?

Just use the short form to request a FREE, full analysis report of an individual stock or mutual fund and find out what exactly your money is going to fund! You’ll be glad you did.